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  • Roberto Puga, ASARCO Custodial Trustee

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    Roberto has more than 20 years of experience in environmental project planning and management. He has successfully executed all of the functions a Trustee needs to perform at the ASARCO Smelter site.

    In 1988, after earning a degree in Geophysics, he began his career at Environmental Solutions, Inc., later known as TRC. In 1998 he joined Project Navigator, Ltd. as a partner.

    Roberto’s project experience ranges from environmental assessment to hydrogeology and seismic analysis, to project coordination and management. He has worked on projects all over the West and Gulf Coasts of the United States, and in Chile. He has earned an outstanding reputation in the industry as a conscientious and forward thinking scientist, administrator and strategist.

    Roberto is a professional geologist and his experience includes environmental projects under Superfund, RCRA, and state (Texas, California and Louisiana) regulatory frameworks. His project experience includes soil and groundwater remediation, sediment sites, and management of both RI/FS activities and remedial actions, including; landfill construction and capping; RCRA cell design and construction; ground water remedy design and construction; waste stabilization and solidification; NORM; building and tank decontamination and demolition; and extensive experience with in-situ remedial techniques.

    Roberto is happily married and has two boys. He is a Los Angeles native and lives in Southern California.

    Project Navigator, Ltd.
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    F 714.388.1839

  • Elizabeth Schell, Project Manager

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    Elizabeth is a project manager at Project Navigator, Ltd, which she joined in August 2002 in Brea, California. Prior to joining PNL, Elizabeth was a software release manager for ESRI, a world leader in GIS (geographic information systems) spatial modeling and mapping software, in Redlands, California.

    Elizabeth has over seven years of diversified environmental project management experience at both multi-party and single party sites. She brings demonstrated success in building and managing offices in the environmental service field. She has been involved in all project stages, from initial site assessment/risk evaluation, through remedial design/remedial action and re-development of the site.

    Elizabeth has a M.A. in Geographical Information Systems from Binghamton University in New York. She also holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Urban-Regional Planning and Environmental Planning from Binghamton University.

    Project Navigator, Ltd.
    T 917.653.7570
    F 917.677.8804

  • Walter Boyle, Onsite Manager
    Project Navigator, Ltd.
    T 915.433.3779

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