The Plan For El Paso Is Unveiled

Daniel Novick – KFOX News Weekend Anchor/Reporter

EL PASO, Texas — The Plan for El Paso 2010 was unveiled on Tuesday, and it is unlike anything the Sun City has seen before.

What if the five points neighborhood went from what it looks like today to a European style plaza?

What if Remcon Circle went from big-box shops to a village-like setting?

On Tuesday, El Paso City Council was told it can be done.

“It’s great news for people who like walking or biking or cycling or using transit or driving their cars in El Paso,” said Victor Dover with Dover, Kohl & Partners Town Planning.

The Plan for El Paso 2010 came after months of meetings with El Pasoans who sat down around maps and drawings to put together their vision of the future.

“It sounds small, but the most important one is to change the plan because the city’s official plan is the guiding document that all the departments, all of the budgets, all of the decisions by private developers, all of them flow from that,” Dover told KFOX 14.

The biggest part of Tuesday’s plan dealt with the former ASARCO smelter site.

Once it is cleaned up, it could be developed with offices, commercial areas and museums, parks and trails and an entertainment district.

UTEP students, who see the ASARCO site every day while going to and from class, feel divided about the plans.

“I think an entertainment district would be very cool. I mean El Paso is in a very big lack of venues as far as music venues go,” said Fedrico Corral.

“I think if it was located somewhere else, I think it would be more effective, especially with all the crimes happening in Juarez, it’s so close to the border,” said Larissa Obso.

Right now it is just a plan, but a plan that many hope will one day become a reality.

“Today was about taking that first, big step,” Dover told KFOX 14.

Now that the city has adopted the plan, the next step is to start to prioritize what the City Council think is the most important parts of the plan, and then implement all of it.