EPA Administrator in El Paso

Multimedia Journalist Lindsey Reiser – NewsChannel 9 KTSM

EL PASO – The head of the Environmental Protection Agency made her way to the borderland today to take a closer look at some of the health concerns in our area.

One of administrator Lisa Jackson’s first stops was the ASARCO site, where she toured the facility. She then met with members of the community at the northwest campus of El Paso Community College to answer questions in a public forum.

Members of the ex-ASARCO worker group were able to communicate many of their concerns about the remediation of the site; Jackson agreed that the cleanup must be done properly and invited the workers to show them the waste sites that they say are being covered up and not treated.

Watch the full story tonight on NewsChannel at 5, 6, and 10, and hear if the workers are happy with today’s visit. We’ll also hear from Jackson about what she plans to do in El Paso.