Questions for the Site Trustee from Juan Garza

The following is an email sent from Juan Garza to the Site Trustee, Roberto Puga:

Mr. Puga,

In the most recent news event several items for safety have come to mind. Hopefully you have considered them.

  1. Most deconstruction / demolition activities the use of a Class “D” fire extinguishers should be made readily available.
  2. Malcom Pirine should use a portable XRF machine to spot test all metal components scheduled for demolition/welding removal.

The system can earn you money, due to the fact that some scrap metal values like titanium may earn a better return.

Finally – in your site safety plan, creating a smoking area on the job site may produce a increase of blood lead levels in smoking workers. TDH had a smoker study which showed that an increase background level of lead present in the ambient environment. The tip of the cigarette caused the particles in the air to violates from a particle size about 100 micron to a smaller size 10 microns – which are in the respirable scale. Thus easily absorbable by those workers who smoke in a lead contaminated environment.

Please be advised that your site work is encouraging and I ask that your group consider working forward with due diligence in safety.

Juan Garza

Response from Roberto Puga:

Dear Mr. Garza,

Thank you very much for your constructive input.

I have ordered a complete work stoppage at the site, and have had the corporate Health & Safety Officers of the two companies working on the dismantling activities commence a Root Cause Analysis Investigation of this incident. They will be looking to see if 1) any standards protocols, such as the ones you mention, were not followed or not followed correctly and 2) whether new protocols need to be put in place.

Smoking is not allowed in any of the work areas. However, I will ask the Health & Safety Officers to look to see if this policy needs to be emphasized.

Thank you for your encouragement, and be assured that we will not restart work until I am satisfied that our Health and Safety system and its implementation are correct.

Best Regards,
Roberto Puga, Site Trustee

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