Questions from Heather McMurray

The following are questions sent from Heather McMurray

Ms. Schell,

Have the proposed contractors been notified about the presence of unknown illegal toxic wastes onsite?

Has the matte been fully analyzed for all potential hazardous metals including actinides? Why/why not?

thank you,

Heather McMurray

Response from Elizabeth Schell:

Dear Ms. McMurray,

Thanks you for your continued interest in this project.

Both of our contractors for the project, Malcolm-Pirnie and ERM, are fully briefed on all information about the site processes, both legal and illegal. As a matter of fact, Malcolm-Pirnie has prepared a comprehensive report on the legal and illegal processes that occurred at the site; it is very thorough and includes a discussion of every document found about the Encycle materials brought to the site. You can find the report at:


Elizabeth Schell

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