ASARCO Materials Sold To Mexican Mining Company

Sold Lead Used To Make Automobile Batteries

EL PASO, Texas — ASARCO, the smelter plant that shut down in 1999, has a buyer that’s interested in purchasing copper matte and scrap metal.

The Mexican mining company Rio Tinto wants approximately 6,000 tons of copper matte and 2,000,000 pounds of scrap lead that was left at the plant.

The contract is being finalized, custodial trustee Roberto Puga said. He said the mining company is planning on taking the metals to Mexico to be crushed and then sold to Chinese end users. The lead is said to be used to manufacture automobile batteries.

ASARCO said they’ll use the money to work on projects such as the rehabilitation of Parker Brothers Arroyo.

For six months, trucks will transport the material. They’re scheduled to start on March 14.

The public is encouraged to ask questions or post comments on ASARCO’s website in the blog section.