Statement regarding the sale of the oxygen plant

The ASARCO Trust has just received $1.9MM (US), from the sale of the oxygen plant component at the former El Paso ASARCO Smelter Site. The oxygen plant includes a 450 ton per day air‐separation unit and supporting equipment and control units. The buyer, who is located in Australia, was identified by ERM, the Trust’s demolition and asset recovery contractor. The buyer will be dismantling the plant and re‐erecting it in for use in Africa.

The oxygen plant components will be dismantled and cleaned on site via pressure washing with water. After cleaning, the plant components will be loaded onto trucks and transported to port destinations for overseas transport. The dismantling work will begin at the end of March 2011 and will be completed in approximately four months.

All money received by the Trust from the sale of assets will be used for remediation activities at the Site, on such projects as the rehabilitation of Parker Brothers Arroyo.

The public can ask questions or post comments on the blog section of the website; the Trust will respond to all queries.

Roberto Puga
Custodial Trustee

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