Storm Water Discharge Analytical Results 2011

The following is an email sent from Heather McMurray to the Site Trustee, Roberto Puga:

Hello, are there any results for 2011? I can only find results from last year posted. We have had a lot of rain recently.

Storm Water Discharge Analytical Results

  • July 26, 2010
  • February 16, 2010

Response from Roberto Puga:

Dear Ms. McMurray,

Thanks again for your continued interest in the ASARCO project.

The plant site has received approximately 1.9 inches of rain this year, with a maximum daily amount of 0.16 inches of rain observed in July. This rainfall has generated approximately 500,000 gallons of storm water collected in lined ponds on the plant site. The storm water is currently contained in Pond A of the storm water system. The storm water system can hold approximately 8 Million gallons of water. The Trust is currently evaluating if the water is suitable for reuse on site for dust suppression. Since the ponds are approximately 10 percent of capacity, there are currently no plans to discharge the storm water. If the water is discharged to the storm water system an analytical sample will be collected and analyzed prior to discharge to ensure the water meets the discharge limits.

In addition to the storm water stored onsite, storm water is also sampled, when present, in Parker Brothers Arroyo. Based on site history, the amount of rainfall required to generate storm water flow in Parker Brothers Arroyo is approximately 0.25 inches of rainfall in a short period of time. Based on the rainfall totals observed on site this year, a daily maximum of 0.16 inches, and confirmed with visual observation, no storm water flow has been generated in Parker Brothers Arroyo; therefore, no storm water sample has been collected. When storm water samples are collected on site the results will be posted to the project website (


Roberto Puga

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