Trustee responds to email regarding TV station news story about the latest soil sampling results

The following is an email from Heather McMurray to the Site Trustee:

I find the following news from the Trust about Asarco El Paso test results incredulous. “If there are decades of pollution contaminating El Paso’s Asarco site, there is no evidence of it …”

Please provide link to test protocol/chain of custody and results(or copy of same). If the lab is now done with the soil samples, please provide these to the community to a lab of choice, with chain of custody instead of allowing these to be destroyed (this has precedence – we have soil samples archived already from the TCEQ).

Thank you,
Heather McMurray

Roberto Puga’s response:

Hello Ms. McMurray,

I was also disturbed by the characterization by the TV station of our soil sampling results.

Clearly, the site is heavily impacted and contaminated. The Trust released a press statement on Tuesday of this week clarifying that 1) the site is very much contaminated and 2) what are the actual purposes of the soil sample results released on Monday. I have attached the press release for your information.

[Click to view press release.]

Roberto Puga

[The TV station has recently updated their story.]

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