Site Trustee answers questions regarding the ASARCO 800-ft stack

The following is an email exchange between Heather McMurray and the Site Trustee. The Trustee’s responses are in bold.

Please respond about the horizontal crack/fracture at the top of the 800-plus foot-tall-concrete Asarco stack (near top, facing the Cd. Juarez side – visible when wet) ; and, to also let us know where the concrete/debris will be landfilled.

Also, please identify for us the pipe (below) looking toward the Railroad trestle.

Does this pipe show up on any of the drainage/pipe diagrams that you have, and what does it drain?

Thank you,
Heather Mcmurray
El Paso, TX

Dear Ms. McMurray,

Thank you once again for your continued interest in this project.

We have contracted with Dykon Explosive Demolition to design the implosion of the two towers. Part of the preparation of the blasting plan is a complete assessment of the current condition of the stacks. Current weaknesses in the stacks will be factored into the blast plan.

We are planning a public meeting on Thursday November 3, 2011, specifically to explain how the implosions will take place, the engineering evaluations behind the plan and the measures be taken to protect the surrounding community. We have begun meeting with the Fire Department, which has the primary responsibility for permitting the implosions.

The concrete debris from the stacks will be landfilled on-site in specially designed waste cells. The draft design for the hazardous waste cell can be found on our website.

Our crews will be walking the canal bank to find the pipe shown on the photograph. Once we locate it, we can answer your question more fully.

Roberto Puga

Thank you, Mr. Puga.

-Heather McMurray

Dear Ms. McMurray,

We have located the pipe shown in the photograph embedded in your e-mail. It is located adjacent to the IBWC facility on Paisano Drive. The pipe is connected to a storm sewer inlet on Paisano in front of the IBWC property. Attached please find a series of photographs that show the pipe and the inlet.

Roberto Puga

Mr. Puga,

Thank you for the very quick follow-up. It is much appreciated.

Does that storm water inlet connect midway to a storm-sewer tunnel traveling beneath Paisano? Or, is that storm inlet the very beginning of that pipe/tunnel.

thank you,
Heather McMurray

Dear Ms. McMurray,

From our observation from the street, it appears that the inlet leads directly to the pipe terminating at the bank of the canal.

Roberto Puga

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