Question regarding conducting beryllium tests at the ASARCO site

The following is an email from Heather McMurray to the Site Trustee, Roberto Puga.

Dear Trustee Puga,

Hazardous constituents regulated under waste codes K061, K062, and F006 include: beryllium, nickel, lead, silver, cadmium, thallium, vanadium and zinc. These were handled by Asarco Encycle and El Paso.

Are you responsible under your contract with the Bankruptcy court for conducting tests for Beryllium at the Asarco El Paso site?

Thank you for answering questions from the public. I was concerned about workers at the site not wearing dust masks; and, if the Asarco stormwater and/or sewer pipes joined the stormwater pipe running the length of the Paisano-IBWC access road (and emptying into the old American canal); but, have not gotten a reply. I realize that you are busy.

Thank you,
Heather McMurray

Roberto Puga’s response:

Dear Ms. McMurray,

Beryllium has not been identified as a constituent of concern at the EL Paso Smelter site; this finding is consistent with previous work conducted under TCEQ and EPA oversight, and is consistent with our approved Remedial Action Work Plan.

The smelter site storm water has one outlet on Paisano Drive which drains directly to the Rio Grande. The site’s storm water drainage system is not designed to drain storm water to Paisano Drive.

Roberto Puga

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