ASARCO Debate Heats Up Again

By Lindsey Reiser – Multimedia Journalist

A regularly scheduled breakfast with El Paso city representative Ann Morgan Lilly got heated today when former ASARCO employees posed some serious questions.

The workers say the ASARCO site is not being remediated properly. They want ASARCO equipment tested for chemicals before they destroy it or send it off to a landfill.

While the site trustee says everything has been done in the public eye, the ex-ASARCO worker group says it wants environmental groups to get involved.

“I categorically reject all that we are adhering to an approved health and safety plan,” said trustee Roberto Puga.

“We want to know what we were exposed to because we are seeing a lot of illnesses and deaths,” said former worker Carlos Rodriguez.

Plans call for demolition of the ASARCO site this year.

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