ASARCO Demolition: 300-Foot Tower Crashes to the Ground

By Lauren Zimmerman – Web Producer

EL PASO- The demolition continues at ASARCO as smoke stack at the old smelter plant came down today.

The 300-foot steel acid plant stack came crashing down without incident this afternoon. This is phase two of four planned remediation phases at the former smelter plant. Demolition started in April.

The man in charge of the project says today’s demolition was minor compared to what’s to come.

“It’s just a pre-cursor. We’re getting toward the end of the demolition here at the site. But we still have the two big concrete stacks left. And those are a different animal. They’re much taller. They’re made out of concrete, which generates a lot more dust,” says Roberto Puga, ASARCO site trustee.

The other two, including the iconic 800 foot smokestack, are scheduled to be demolished in February.

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