A memorial in works for ASARCO smokestacks

By Ruben Veloz – KFOX14

EL PASO, Texas — An El Paso architect will join the efforts in saving the ASARCO smoke stacks in west El Paso.

Geoffrey Wright, a local architect and supporter of the group “Save the Stacks,” is in favor of preserving the ASARCO site in hopes of turning it into a memorial.

He is planning to talk with the ASARCO board of trustees next month to see what needs to be done in order to preserve the site.

There are no definite plans on what will be built, but says some options are to build an observation site or even a park.

Wright got involved with “save the stacks” after learning of ASARCOS plans to demolish them.

A few months ago these smoke stacks were destined for demolition until a local group kept that from happening.

Wright said, preserving these smokestacks are a important to the history of El Paso, and the jobs they once provided.