Save the Stacks group: it could cost less to keep them up rather than tear them down

ASARCO trustee and Save the Stacks group to keep November deadline to decide if smokestacks can stay up

By Joshua Zuber – KFOX14

ASARCO Smokestack
El Pasoans hope to end plans to demolish smokestack at the former Asarco plant.

EL PASO, Texas — The fate of the ASARCO smokestacks is still in limbo, but KFOX14 learned Monday afternoon that the Save the Stacks group and the site trustee, Roberto Puga, have come to an agreement.

KFOX14 reported in April that the site trustee gave the Save the Stacks group until this November to come up with a plan to bring the smokestacks up to code if they are to stay.

For months, the Save the Stacks group and site trustee lost contact with each other.

However, this past week, the two parties met and now believe they can stick with the current deadline.

“Assuming that the structural integrity is still in place, it will cost something less than a million dollars, which in fact would make it cheaper to keep it up than to knock it down and bury it,” said Gary Sapp, a committee member for Save the Stacks.

Sapp said it will take about two months to get a firm onboard to a finished concept to keep them up.