ASARCO Smokestack Group Hires Engineer

Adrienne Alvarez – KTSM News

A November deadline is creeping closer and closer for a group wanting to save the ASARCO smoke stacks, and Tuesday, they received word that may help their cause.

The group “Save the Stacks” continues to push for the landmark’s preservation.
Tuesday, the group invited a chimney company to inspect the stacks from the ground.
The International Chimney Corporation Regional Manager, Ken Baker, told Local 4 News it seems only cosmetic work needs to be done on the site.

“The stacks appear to be in really good condition now,” said Baker. “We will come later on and actually get a ground crew to climb the stacks to do an exterior and interior inspection of the stacks and provide assessment of structural integrity.”

Proponents of keeping the smoke stacks around say not only are they an important piece of El Paso’s history, but America’s as well.

“This is a 826-foot stack. It’s enormous. Industrially, it’s very important to the entire United States; what occurred on this property,” said Robert Ardovino, who helped start the effort to preserve the smokestacks.

The group’s main goal now, according to Ardovino, is to convince the city the amount of money they say would cost to keep the stacks is over-exaggerated, and could be lowered.

The City has estimated it would cost $10 million to reinforce the stack, and $100 thousand a year to maintain it.