Email from Peggy McNiel to El Paso Mayor and City Council

Mayor and City Council:

The citizens in the “Cc” list and those below with phone numbers want you to vote NO on the resolution to buy the Asarco stacks. The do not want any city,state and/or federal taxes or revenue especially from the recent bonds to be allocated to buying and/or preserving the Asarco stacks. Again, I have copied Robert Puga, James Sher and Chuck Barnes in the blind copy slot.

Some of the statements paraphrased in personal e-mails to me are:

We just voted on bonds to move the city forward–we don’t want to move backward and fund the Asarco stacks.

We want to recover our beautiful landscape which has been scarred by these polluting stacks.

More citizens against the resolution below and there would be more if we didn’t just find out about this:

Dr. Richard Falvo
Julianna Hernandez
Robert McGregor
Crystal Robert
Liz Gaidry
Patrick Rosser
Richard Clarence
Vanesa Casner
Janie Grant
Bernadine McNiel
Edie Brannon
Janet Jenkins
Bob Brannon
Dominique Dominguez
Bryan Nehring
Michael Heett

[Note: Individuals’ addresses and phone numbers have been removed.]

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