Email from Mike Rooney to Representative Norma Chavez, with CC to Site Trustee, Roberto Puga

Email Subject Heading: THANKS for very interesting ASARCO Smoke Stacks radio show

Hi Norma.

[P] THANK YOU for the most interesting, informative radio show today — on the ASARCO Smoke Stack issue with your guest Robert Ardovino. What was interesting was a possible sea change in attitude — from those past heated and passionate debates over saving the smoke stacks.

[P] Found Bill Addington and Heather Murry’s call in comments interesting and helpful — that dropping the stacks and turning them into rubble only creates more environmental problems.

[P] Found Robert Ardovino’s comment helpful too — that engineering and construction of that big smoke stack by the builder — a noted German Engineering and Construction firm — that the stack is considered well constructed and reinforced with ample rebar. There was no mention or discussion of the engineering and stability of that smaller smoke stack. In addition, he said folks had to consider — that the big smoke stack is no longer in operation — so it is no longer subjected to the heat and cooling extremes of the smelting process. That lack of use should add years of life to the big smoke stack.

[P] In reference to my question about the cost to insure the smoke — Mr. Ardovino said an insurance quote he got from a local insurance firm — based of his group’s new engineering report — was an estimated cost of $40,000-per-year. Again no mention was given to insuring the smaller smoke stack.

[P] This $40,000-per-year insurance quote seems to raise an interesting question. If use the “Save The Stacks”dollar projection — and divide $3.9-Million by 50-years — that would give a $78,000 yearly projection. Now if you take that $78,000-per-year projection — and subtract $40,000-per-year for insurance — that leaves only $38,000-per-year for all other costs. Therefore, is $78,000-per-year really a realistic projection? Don’t know if $38,000-per-year — would pay the salary and benefits of one person for a year. In addition, wonder if anyone in the City’s Parks Department — is even qualified to deal with smoke stacks of this size? Therefore, suspect this function — may have to be contracted out to a firm that could handle that work.

[P] From following this issue — it seems some may have tried to cast doubt on Mr. Pugas earlier projection of $14-Million over a 50-year period. If you divide $14-Million by 50-years — that gives $280,000. So when you consider the cost of maintenance, upkeep and insurance — is Mr. Puga’s estimate really flawed?

[P] Though it may not make him popular or a home coming king — it would seem it’s most appropriate for Mr. Puga to surface his cautions to both the City and public — before any City decision is rendered.

[P] THANKS again for a most interesting radio show and discussion.

—————————————————– THANK YOU and Sincerely, Mike Rooney.

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