Email from Richard Artalejo to Site Trustee, Roberto Puga

Email Subject Heading: Save the stacks

Dear Sir,

I am an El Paso native and I want to express my stance in support of saving the former Asarco smokestacks from demolition. The stacks have been a presence for some 50 years and have become a landmark of the area. But more than this I envision that they can become a defining hallmark for the city, state, and region by venrtue of their size and location. All it would take would be a simple makeover as envisioned in the attached rough rendition.

It can be very important for a city to have a great and widely recognizable symbol and as yet it’s unclear what comes to mind when people thing of El Paso. The Alamo & Riverwalk come to mind when people think of San Antonio, my current location. El Paso has the star on the mountain which is only visible at night, but the stacks redone as I’ve shown or similar could make a huge impession on I-10 travelers passing through from California to Florida both night and day. Without the stacks you have a dusty plain with a view of shanytowns across the river of questionable alternative value.

Before one can expect new development or improvements, one should consider working with what one has and make the most of it and here one has enormous rare potential. We must not lose such a golden opportunity. Perhaps corporate sponsorship is an option, as it has been in virtually all stadiums and arenas in the country. The high profile of the towers could be very attractive to potential sponsors seeking some sort of advertisement. Thank you

Sincerely, Richard Artalejo

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