Email from Peggy McNiel to Site Trustee, Roberto Puga

Email Subject Heading: We Support You!

The group of now over 50 citizens support the demolition of the two Asarco smokestacks which has always been a key element of the original remediation/clean-up plan for the Asarco site.

The names of the people who support your moving the plan for this blighted site forward to a bright and safe future are listed on the attachment and I’m still receiving names.

The names under the “e-mail” list will immediately get a copy of this note.

Mr. James Sher of TCEQ and Mr. Chuck Barnes of the EPA are also copied in the “Bcc” list for their information.

We also support you Mr. Puga and denounce the impugning of your character by those who wish to sacrifice safety of the public to achieve their objectives.

With Support:

Citizens Supporting Demolition of the two Asarco smokestacks

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