Email from Karen Chandler to Site Trustee, Roberto Puga

Email Subject Heading: Thank you from El Paso

Mr. Puga,

I am a citizen of El Paso, and on behalf of my family and many, many
other families that I have spoken to, we would like to say thank you for
the great work you and your team have done in cleaning up the ASARCO
site and giving us something with future potential.

I believe the people that are against your efforts are a very small, but
unfortunately loud, minority. I hope you do not feel that they
represent El Paso as a whole.

El Paso has little in the way of natural beauty. Tearing down the
polluted eyesore that is ASARCO is a huge step toward improving what we
do have. Once again, many, MANY thanks from us for all of your work.
We are looking forward to seeing those stacks come down in April!

Karen Chandler
El Paso

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