Email from Karl Putnam to Chairman Shaw and Commissioners Rubinstein and Baker

Email Subject Heading: El Paso Politicians Asarco Stacks Demolition Delay Request

Dear Chairman Shaw and Commissioners Rubinstein and Baker,

Thank you for selecting Roberto Puga and his firm to remediate the El Paso Asarco site. He has done a fine job. Please continue as you have to let him do his work and do not take any action to delay the demolition of the two smokestacks on the site scheduled for early April.


Karl Putnam

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  1. Comment by Heather McMurray — April 2, 2013 @ 3:52 pm

    Dr. Karl Putnam is an accountanting prof. at UTEP handling at least one Trust fund, what training or authority does he have to address Chairman Shaw and Commissioners Rubinstein and Baker, and ask them NOT to delay the demolition of the stack?

    Does he know about radioactive waste. Or does he know the 1990’s change in accounting law that requires property owners to declare any liabilities from toxic/hazardous wastes on their properties – I asked him in a GTLO meeting once and he would not respond. Why does he want the stack demolished so badly, when the toxins would be RELEASED into our air and watershed through this action rather than capping the structure??

    For some reason, Dr. Putnam carries a lot of influence and authority in the community on the ASARCO get the lead out and other Asarco issues. Why.

    And why would the Chair and commissioners listen more to him than to the evidence we have had since 2006 showing what actually happened at that smelter and why it is bad to develop the lands around it.

    Heather McMurray

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