Email from Professor Luis B. Villalobos to Site Trustee, Roberto Puga

Email Subject Heading: Weight of Stacks

Mr. Roberto Puga : Dear mr.Puga. Estimado senor Puga : Seria usted tan amable en contestarme lo que nadie en El Paso me ha podido contestar, ni los canales de t.v. noticias, ni Estela Casas de KVIA TV,channel 4, news channel 9 ni el canal 26. CUANTO PESA CADA TORRE ( APROXIMADAMENTE ) . I hope that you can please help me so yours truly can inform the people / listeners on the radio in Ciudad Juarez 860 A.M. asap please !!!! Thanking you in advance I remain waiting. Professor Luis B. Villalobos.

Response from Roberto Puga:

Dear Professor Villalobos,

The weight of the 828-foot stacks (this is the weight of both the inner and outer stacks) is approximately 24,000 tons. The weight of the 610-foort stack (this is a single stack) is approximately 7,000 tons.

I’ve attached a summary of information about the stacks. This information is also posted on our website here.


Roberto Puga, P.G.

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