Email from Lisa McNiel to Site Trustee, Roberto Puga

Email Subject Heading: Great job!

Dear Mr. Puga,

You are doing an outstanding job. You were between a rock and a hard place regarding the issue of stacks up or stacks down. No matter your decision, someone was going to be angry.

I applaud your amazing efforts to maintain safety and to negotiate a very difficult situation. You have remained professional throughout and kept your cool despite irrational, unprofessional, untrue, and disrespectful remarks aimed at your character. (I believe that I may have made some impulsive remarks in an earlier email back in December and once again, apologize for my own emotionalism.) You have been as objective and as fair as possible given the circumstances. Thank you for your careful management of the site and your continued efforts to clean up the contamination as much as is humanly and financially possible at this time.

Don’t let the critics get you down. Onward!

Thank you again,

Lisa McNiel

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