Email from Peggy McNiel to Site Trustee, Roberto Puga

Email Subject Heading: New Plans for Asarco property

Hi Roberto,

I’m so sorry I couldn’t make your presentation recently at the downtown library.

My mother had a mild stroke in the last year so it’s difficult for me to get out although I had planned to come.

I just wanted to let you know that I think it would be great if UTEP buys the property especially since it was originally the “College of Mines”. Plus I believe they would be a reliable owner to monitor the landfill and make sure it is done according to required guidelines.

Great job on the extra millions raised to add to the “clean-up” funds. I don’t think that aspect of the project gets enough press.

I will watch for other presentations and hopefully make the next one.

I do check the website from time to time to monitor the progress.

All my best,

Peggy McNie

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