Asarco auction will be rescheduled

By El Paso Inc staff – El Paso Inc.

An auction to liquidate much of the equipment and personal property at the site of the former Asarco smelter has been postponed.

The auction was to be held Aug. 2-5 by Walter Parker Auctioneer. No new date has been set.

The announcement came from Roberto Puga, the site trustee and a principal with Project Navigator, the company that’s handling cleanup at the site.

Puga said more time is needed to put values on the assets, and to determine if more money could be made by selling some items directly to commercial purchasers, rather than by public auction.

Funds generated by the sales of any assets will fund cleanup and remedial action of the site.

Notice of the delay of the auction liquidation and other details will be posted oline at the Texas Custodial Trust’s website: