ASARCO Smelter Site Cleanup, El Paso, Texas
08 FEB 2010

New Updates to the ASARCO Smelter Site Website {}

The Texas Custodial Trust is committed to the remediation of the Site and to working with the surrounding community and stakeholders. As part of our stakeholder outreach efforts we are dedicated to maintaining a website that has the most current and up-to-date site information. Please note that there have been new website updates and some new site activities. These include:

  1. Request for Statement of Qualification (RFQ)
    The Texas Custodial Trust is pleased to announce that we are now soliciting Statement of Qualifications from qualified environmental companies. Click here to view the RFQ on our website. Also posted is a list of firms that have received the RFQ and RFQ questions and answers.
  2. Remedial Investigation (RI) Report
    The RI Report is now available on the ‘Site Information’ menu. This report needs to be downloaded in sections due to its large size.
  3. Student Survey
    On January 28th, UTEP’s Student Government Association (SGA) & Senator Shapleigh hosted the “Our El Paso 2020: Building a Vision” Meeting. Prior to the event the UTEP SGA handed out an informal survey to UTEP students. Click here to view the results of the survey on the website. Please note that the survey was prepared and distributed by UTEP SGA and was done independently of the Texas Custodial Trust. The Texas Custodial Trust is currently soliciting feedback from all stakeholders on the potential end use of the property, and input received from others will also be posted.
  4. Trustee Returning
    The Site Trustee is scheduled to be in El Paso from February 23–25th. Please contact us with any meeting requests.
  5. Filming
    We have been notified that Jerry Bruckheimer’s production company and Warner Brothers, Inc. are working on a new television pilot for NBC (Glory Road). They will be in the El Paso area filming near the end of March. The filming may occur in close proximity to the ASARCO Smelter Site; you may see their equipment trailers and trucks parked on the paved portion of the site, away from the site building and structures.

Thank you for your interest in the website. We appreciate your blog posts and are working to answer any questions in a timely manner.