Date Time Description
10-19-2016 ACEC-TX Coronado Country Club
1044 Broadmoor Dr., El Paso, TX 79912
8-18-2016 Presentation to the Downtown El Paso Rotary Club
6-17-2016 Community Meeting
3-9-2016 Interview with KVIA ABC-7 via Skype
11-3-2015 Meeting with UTEP – Richard Adauto
11-3-2015 Lecture at OLLI
10-14-2014 Meeting with State Representative Marquez
10-15-2014 Site Tour for Robbie Gray (press)
10-15-2014 Meeting with UTEP- Richard Aduato
10-15-2014 Meeting with Congressman O’Rourke
10-16-2014 Meeting with State Representative Niland
10-16-2014 Meeting with State Representative Moody
10-29-2014 Meeting and Site Tour with Congressman O’Rourke
10-25-2014 Meeting with Senator Rodriguez
10-30-2014 Presentation to Border Patrol
09-04-2014 Meeting with UTEP
09-15-2014 Meeting and Site Visit with UTEP
08-12-2014 Meeting with UTEP
06-04-2014 Meeting with UTEP
06-05-2014 Meeting with UTEP
05-12-2014 Meeting with TxDOT
05-29-2014 Meeting with TxDOT
03-04-2014 Meeting with Abrams-Kiewit and TxDOT to discuss access
03-24-2014 Speaker at UTEP OLLI Changing World Forum
03-24-2014 Meeting with Carlo Mendo
02-05-2014 2:00pm Meeting with Mayor Leeser at City Hall
02-06-2014 3:00pm Meeting with City Planning Department
02-06-2014 Meeting with UTEP
02-27-2014 4:30pm Meeting with Congressman O’Rourke, Washington, D.C.
01-23-2014 Thank You Ceremony in Juarez, Mexico
10-29-2013 Interview with Channel 9 News
10-29-2013 Presentation to Fire Chief
10-29-2013 Presentation to Police Dept.
10-29-2013 Presentation to Fire Marshall
10-30-2013 Presentation to Border Patrol
10-30-2013 Presentation to City Engineer
09-05-2013 10:00am Meeting with TXDOT
09-18-2013 10:00am Meeting with Mayor Lesser and Rep. Niland
09-18-2013 11:00am Meeting With Rep. Lilly
06-14-2013 Meet with the Historical Alliance
05-15-2013 12:00pm Speaking at the AARP Westside Chapter Mtg at the Golden Corral, 7420 N Mesa
05-15-2013 3:00pm Meet Local Historians at the Site
04-03-2013 Meeting with Carlos Rincon regarding Smokestacks Implosion
04-03-2013 Meeting with Calavera Canyon Residents
04-11-2013 Pre-Blast Press Conference
04-11-2013 Meeting/Site Visit with Mexican Authorities
04-13-2013 Post-Blast Press Conference
03-25-2013 3:30pm Tour for the Public Relations Association of the Southwest
03-26-2013 12:15pm Presentation to the Public Relations Association of the Southwest Group
02-11-2013 3:15pm Changing World presenters for the 2013 Spring semester, UTEP OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) in the Quinn Hall Auditorium
02-25-2013 12:00pm ASARCO: Fox News Interview
02-25-2013 2:00pm Site Tour for the City of El Paso Sustainability Department
02-26-2013 6:00-7:00pm Community Meeting, El Paso Downtown Public Library, Main Auditorium, 501 North Oregon Street
01-30-2013 6:30pm Trustee presentation for the Sierra Club Meeting at the Centennial Museum
01-31-2013 10:00am Meeting with David Herrera (State Rep M. Marquez) and the Site Trustee
01-31-2013 1:00pm Trustee Interview with Univision at the Smelter Site
12-04-2012 Interview with the Associated Press (Juan Carlos)
12-13-2012 Meeting with Jackson Polk and Bernie Sargent at the Site
11-13-2012 11:00am Meeting with David Herrera (State Representative Marquez’s aid) 1444 Montana, Suite 100
11-19-2012 10:00am Meeting with Representative Moody
11-19-2012 11:00am Meeting with David Herrera (Assistant to State Representative Marquez)
11-19-2012 1:30pm Meeting with City of El Paso Planning Department
11-19-2012 2:15pm Meeting with Senator Rodriguez
11-19-2012 3:00pm Meeting with TxDOT
11-19-2012 4:00pm Meeting with Representative Byrd
11-20-2012 1:30pm Interview with (an online magazine based out of UTEP) at the Site
11-20-2012 Meeting with Representative Acosta
11-27-2012 City Council Meeting and Presentation
11-29-2012 TBD Meeting with Save the Stacks Technical Team
10-01-2012 2:00pm Meeting with Save the Stack Group and Mayor Cook
10-02-2012 10:00am Trustee to meet with Josh Zuber of Fox News
10-02-2012 11:00am Call with NPR (Monica Ortiz)
10-02-2012 12:00pm Meeting with Jackson Polk
10-02-2012 4:30pm Tour of the Site for The Gilbert Law Firm
10-18-2012 11:30am American Waterworks Association El Paso Chapter Mtg. – Presentation
10-18-2012 2:00pm Meeting with Representative Niland and City Manager Wilson
10-18-2012 3:00pm Meeting with the Office of Congressman Reyes
10-18-2012 4:00pm Interview with El Diario
10-22-2012 TBD Speaker for the El Paso Downtown Lion’s Club
09-15-2012 8:00am ASARCO: Presentation to the Committee for the Future of El Paso at the Ay Caramba Restaurant
08-09-2012 11:30am Presentation to El Paso NAIFA
07-10-2012 8:00am Save the Stacks Potential Contractors Site Visit
06-05-2012 5:30pm Meeting with Historical Commission
06-06-2012 1:00pm Meeting with Senator Rodriguez
06-06-2012 2:00pm Meeting with Save the Stack Group
06-20-2012 12:00pm District 2 Luncheon Meeting at Luby’s
05-09-2012 8:00am Interview with El Paso, Inc at the Site
05-09-2012 10:30am Meeting with Representative Niland at City Hall
05-09-2012 1:00pm Presentation to COEP Green Space Advisory Board at COEP City Hall
05-09-2012 3:00pm Meeting with TxDOT
04-05-2012 3:00pm Site tour for COEP Green Space Commission
04-11-2012 Interview with Fox TV, El Paso
04-24-2012 2:00pm Meeting with Eduardo Torres
03-15-2012 10:00am Meeting with Congressman Reyes at the Site
03-15-2012 11:30am Meeting with UTEP
03-15-2012 1:00pm Meeting with IBWC
03-15-2012 2:00pm Meeting with Representative Acosta
03-15-2012 3:15pm Meeting with TxDOT at the Site
02-16-2012 12:30pm Presentation for El Paso Rotary Club
02-16-2012 2:00pm Meeting with Representative Lilly at City Hall
02-16-2012 3:00pm Meeting with El Paso Historical Society (Bernie Sargent) at the Site
01-26-2012 12:00-1:00pm Interview with KFOX at the Site
01-26-2012 1:30-2:00pm Meeting with Karl McElhaney (Congressman Reyes’s office)
01-26-2012 2:30-3:00pm Meeting with Representative Niland at City Hall
01-26-2012 3:00-3:30pm Meeting with Mayor Cook at City Hall
12-08-2011 12:00pm Meeting with UTEP
11-02-2011 4:00pm Interview at the Site with Fronteras (A regional network of National Public Radio)
11-03-2011 5:30pm Community Meeting at the Downtown Public Library
11-22-2011 3:15pm Tour for UTEP’s Environmental Communication Class
11-22-2011 4:30pm Meeting to discuss water line easement at Malcolm Pirnie offices
11-23-2011 8:00am Meeting with IBWC at the Site
10-06-2011 8:00am Interview with EPA at the Site as part of the City’s award process
10-06-2011 2:00pm Meeting with UTEP
10-06-2011 4:00pm Live Interview with Telemundo
10-24-2011 1:30pm Interview with Fox News at the Site
10-24-2011 5:00pm Guest Speaker at Representative Ortega’s Community Meeting at the Albuquerque Tortilla Restaurant at 7858 San Jose Rd.
09-12-2011 9:00am Guest Speaker for Rep. Niland’s Weekly Community Meeting, Luby’s
09-12-2011 10:30am Meeting with Representative Marquez
09-21-2011 8:30am Meeting with El Paso Fire Department
09-21-2011 10:00am Interview with El Paso Times
08-03-2011 8:00am Meeting with Rep. Niland, City Hall
08-03-2011 2:00pm Meeting with Rep. Margo at the Site
08-19-2011   Interview with KTSM
08-19-2011   Meeting with Ex-ASARCO Workers
07-14-2011 9:00am U.S. Customs and Border Protection Safety Division Meeting at the Site
06-22-2011 12:00pm El Paso Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers Meeting, Stateline Restaurant, 1222 Sunland Park Drive
06-22-2011 2:30pm Meeting with Morgan Stanley at the Site
06-23-2011 9:00am Meeting with TxDOT at the Site
06-27-2011   Site Tour for the Conference on Communication and the Environment
05-06-2011 12:30pm Meeting with EPA and TCEQ in Austin
05-10-2011   El Paso City Council Meeting regarding ASARCO Smartcode rezoning
05-19-2011   Quarterly forum with the UTEP faculty
04-11-2011 3:00pm Meeting with Russell Booth (District Director for State Representative Dee Margo)
04-12-2011 1:00pm Meeting with the El Paso Times Editorial Board
04-13-2011 8:30am EPA/TCEQ Budget Meeting at the Site
04-13-2011 1:30pm Meeting with Moreno Cardenas at the Site
04-19-2011 2:00pm Interview at the Site with ABC 7 News
04-19-2011 4:00pm Site Tour for City of El Paso Officials and New Zealand Government Managers
03-02-2011 1:30pm Open Space Advisory Committee Meeting, City Hall, 8th Floor Conference Room
03-03-2011   Meeting with Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
03-10-2011 1:00pm Meeting with International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC)
03-16-2011 11:30am Presentation to the El Paso Council of Engineering Companies, Coronado Country Club, 1044 Broadmoor Drive
03-16-2011 2:00pm Meeting with Sylvia Firth at City Hall
03-16-2011 2:45pm Meeting with Eliot Shapleigh, Shapleigh Law Firm, 701 N Saint Vrain St.
03-24-2011 2:00pm Meeting with Moreno Cardenas at the Site
03-25-2011 8:00am Meet with KTLA Lindsey Reiser for an interview
03-25-2011 9:00am IBWC Meeting (Gilbert Anaya) at the Site
03-25-2011 10:00am Quarterly UTEP Faculty Forum at UTEP, Dean of Engineering Conference Room
03-25-2011 1:00pm Meeting with Sal Payan, Chief of Staff for Congressman Reyes
03-26-2011   Ex-ASARCO Site Tour with TCEQ and EPA
02-02-2011 2:00pm International Boundary Water Commission Meeting
02-07-2011 8:30am Meeting with Environmental Restoration, LLC
02-15-2011 2:00pm Meeting with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
02-16-2011 9:00am EPA Site Tour (EPA R6 Multimedia Division)
02-25-2011 10:30am Site Tour with EPA and Ex-ASARCO Workers
01-18-2011 9:00am City Council Meeting at City Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, City Hall Building
01-20-2011 7:30am Breakfast Meeting for Representative Lilly’s Constituents at JB’s Café at 5801 N. Mesa El Paso
01-20-2011 1:00pm Meeting with UTEP Special Collections Department at the Site
12-06-2010 5:00pm Site Tour for the UTEP Environmental Education Class
12-07-2010 4:00pm UTEP Administration
10-06-2010 10:00am Meeting with Representative Ortega: City Hall
10-06-2010 11:30am Meeting with Mayor John Cook: City Hall
10-06-2010 12:00pm Meeting with Representative Ann Morgan Lilly: City Hall
10-06-2010 2:30pm Meeting with City Manager Joyce Wilson: City Hall
10-06-2010 4:30pm Meeting with Representative O’Rourke: City Hall
10-06-2010 6:00pm Meeting with Representative Robinson: City Hall
10-07-2010 1:30pm Meeting with Representative Byrd: City Hall
10-07-2010 5:00pm Meeting with Representative Acosta: City Hall
10-12-2010 2:00pm Meeting with Ex-ASARCO Group at the Texas Legal Aid Office
10-19-2010 10:00am Meeting with Senator Shapleigh, El Paso State Senate Office
10-19-2010 1:00pm Meeting with the City of El Paso, Planning Dept. regarding SmartCode rezoning applications, 5th floor of City Hall
10-19-2010 6:30pm – 8:00pm Community Meeting in the El Paso Downtown Public Library, Main Auditorium, 501 North Oregon Street
10-26-2010 10:00am Telecon with Museums & Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD), Sean McGlynn, Director
09-10-2010 9:00am Leadership El Paso – Environmental Impact Session, Chamber of Commerce (Ten Civic Center Plaza)
09-10-2010 12:30pm Meeting with Dr. Hargrove (UTEP) at the Site
09-28-2010 1:00pm Meeting with TCEQ at the Site
08-16-2010 3:00pm Meeting with UTEP, Special Collections Department, Discussion on potential donation of historical documents
08-16-2010 4:30pm Meeting with Community Scholars
08-17-2010 10:30am Meeting with TxDOT
08-17-2010 12:00pm Meeting with El Paso Central Business Association
08-17-2010 2:00pm Meeting at UTEP with Dr. Natalicio, President of UTEP
08-17-2010 3:00pm Meeting with UTEP, Trustee is speaking to the Administrative Forum Group
08-21-2010 11:30am Asarco Site Tour – United Way Young Leaders Society, The Young Professionals Capitol Retreat
07-01-2010 8:00am IBWC meeting at the Site
07-01-2010 10:30am Site tour for Community Scholars
07-09-2010 7:45am Congressman Reyes meeting
07-12-2010 7:00am Meeting with the constituents of Representative Steve Ortega at the Village Inn (2275 Trailwood)
07-12-2010 5:30pm Meeting with Juan Garza at the Site
07-13-2010 7:00am Rescheduled Ex-ASARCO Workers Group – Site tour and information session at the site
07-13-2010   Meeting and interview with El Paso, Inc.
06-16-2010 4:00pm Meeting with Ex-ASARCO Workers Group
06-17-2010 5:30-8:00pm City Charrette Process: Kick-Off meeting
06-18-2010 9:00am One-on-one meeting with Dover Kohl
06-18-2010 11:00am Meeting with Wall Street Journal Reporter
06-18-2010 2:00pm Meeting with UTEP – Richard Aduato
06-19-2010 9:00am-12:00pm City Charrette Process: Hands-on Design Session > Presentation by the Site Trustee
06-30-2010 3:00pm Meeting with EPA at site
06-30-2010 5:30pm-8:00pm City of El Paso Charrette Process: Work in Progress Presentation, Main Library Auditorium – 501 N. Oregon
05-10-2010 11:30am El Paso Historical Commission
05-19-2010   Contractor interviews at the Site
05-20-2010 8:00am Meeting with the constituents of Representative Ann Morgan Lilly
05-20-2010 11:00am Edward Johnson, Johnson Trube & Associates
05-20-2010 6:00pm Meeting with constituents of Representative Emma Acosta
05-21-2010   Meeting with TxDOT Commissioner Houghton
05-25-2010   Meeting with City Manager Joyce Wilson, TxDOT and TCEQ
05-26-2010   Site Tour with the City’s Master Plan Consultant
05-26-2010   Presentation to the Community Scholars Students
04-26-2010 7:00am District 8 Constituent Breakfast meeting at the Village Inn near UTEP
04-26-2010 10:00am Meeting with State Representative Joseph E. Moody
04-27-2010 10:00am Meeting with El Paso Water Utilities
04-28-2010   Interviews with RFP Bidders
2010   Paso Del Norte Group Presentation
2010   International Boundary & Water Commission: Gilbert Anaya
2010   Senator Shapleigh
2010   Meeting with Environmental Engineering Bidders
2010   City Representative Ann Morgan Lilly
2010   Congressman Silvestre Reyes
2010   International Boundary & Water Commission: Gilbert Anaya and Daniel Borunda
2010   Sierra Club Presentation
2010   Representative Beto O’Rourke
2010   City Manager Joyce Wilson
2010   UTEP Special Collections
2010   El Paso County Historical Commission
2010   El Paso Museum of History
2010   Texas Legal Aid Office
2010   El Paso Chamber of Commerce
2010   UTEP: Vice President Richard Adauto
2010   Representative Beto O’Rourke
2010   Representative Susie Byrd
2010   Representative Rachel Quintana
2010   Representative Steve Ortega
2010   Mayor John Cook
2010   Representative Emma Acosta
2010   Senator Shapleigh
2010   TXDOT
2010   City Manager Joyce Wilson
2010   Deputy City Manager for Development and Infrastructure Pat Adauto
2010   Director of Economic Development Kathy Dodson
2010   Director of Environmental Services Ellen Smyth
2010   Deputy Director, Development Services Department Mathew McElroy
2010   El Paso County Historical Commission
2010   Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
2010   Get the Lead Out Group