Project Navigator, Ltd. (PNL) is an environmental engineering and project management company. We are headquartered in Brea, California and are staffed with a blend of engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, GIS experts and graphic designers. We excel in delivering sustainable cost-effective remedial solutions for Brownfields sites. We are also expert in green structure design taking into account such features as: optimal siting of infrastructure on the Brownfields site; integration of subsurface remedies into the structure; energy use optimization, and recycle and reuse of natural resources (e.g. sunlight and rainfall) and facility generated wastes. Since our inception in 1997, PNL staff have developed a strong track record for creative problem solving for Fortune 50 companies.

Creativity, focus and energy are at the foundations of Project Navigator, Ltd.’s success. Our work is supported by the appropriate use of multimedia tools.

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